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Soy Luna 1x10 I will post new episodes of season 2 once I'm done with season 2 and 3 which will be around the end of July.

Luna tells Michel that she only sees him as a friend. Soy Luna 1x54 Luna admits she still likes Matteo. Luna makes an unexpected confession.

Soy Luna 1x24 Soy Luna 1x53 Soy Luna 2x79

Can you pleas post episodes whit google drive or something this "mega" site dont work. Soy Luna 1x21 Soy Luna 2x50 Soy Luna 3x17 Soy Luna 3x14 SoyLunaEnglish 21 april om ?

  • Nina tells Michel about the special connection between Luna and Matteo. Soy Luna 2x26
  • Nina gets an unexpected visit.

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Soy Luna 2x33 Soy Luna 2x10 Sito web. Abonneren op: Posts Atom. Error: please try again. Luna is angry at Simón because he didn't tell her that the number of Felipe Mendevilla was reversed.

  • Soy Luna 1x20 Please help me, what do I do??
  • Matteo can't stop thinking about Luna. She is shocked when she sees Sharon in a car, but Sharon drives away quickly.

Luna finds the key to the chest, she is stopped by Nina's message. Soy Luna 3x24 Soy Luna 1x70 Soy Luna 1x46 Soy Luna 3x16 Soy Luna 2x47 !

Soy luna season 3

Soy Luna 1x6 She is shocked when she sees Sharon in a car, but Sharon drives away quickly. Soy Luna 2x53 I honestly don't know, I'm way too busy translating season 2 so if I do decide to translate season 3, it won't be anytime soon.

Soy Luna 1x52 Soy Luna 2x15 Soy Luna 3x3 Soy Luna 2x36 Jim and Yam are happy! Hi I am writing from France, I was able to get a vpn.

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Soy Luna 3x21 Soy Luna 1x3 Soy Luna 1x69 Juliana will train the Red Sharks.

Soy Luna 2x27 Vinicius junior fifa 18 stats Luna 2x25 Daniela had left earlier but sneaks back to return the artifacts room's keys. Soy Luna 2x16 Soy luna 3 streaming italiano Luna 1x64 Matteo is still convinced that Luna is not interested in him and would be happier without him.

Soy Luna 1x12 Soy Luna 2x44 Gary sees the video and takes drastic consequences. Chick Fight "Hit like a girl.

Soy luna 3 streaming italia

Soy Luna 3x1 Soy Luna 2x50 SoyLunaEnglish 21 april om Luna is very worried because Matteo doesn't recognize her.

Ada explains to Ana about the true identity of Gary. Soy Luna 1x75 Soy Luna 3x23 Luna rejects Matteo's approach.

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